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Your wedding day should not just be an event for you and your guests to attend, it is the story of your love until now and your life to follow. Your wedding day should be an unforgettable experience.


creating the foundation for an amazing event

Where do we start? When do we start?? How do we choose vendors... and manage a budget? There is so much that goes into planning a wedding, it can start to feel like a full time gig and it's what we love to do, so we made it ours! Whether you want to plan together, or have the task of planning taken off of your plate completely, we are here for you and want your day to be perfect. From choosing vendors that fit your vibe and style, to giving advice and advocating for you when needed, our goal is to make your wedding planning process enjoyable and stress free. The months leading up to your wedding day are where we lay the foundation for an amazing and wonderful event while you enjoy your engagement!


making your wedding beautiful, and personal

Color palette, textures, tablescapes, and everything aesthetic- this is event design. Wedding design is our passion and each wedding is a labor of love. Your day should look and feel unique to you. Design is our art and as an artist, no two pieces are ever the same. Our goal is to take your breath away when you see all of the design plans come to life and beyond making your wedding beautiful, we also want it to be personal. What things are special to you as a couple, to your families? Are there moments and memories you would like to incorporate? Whether it's a touching sentiment that draws out a few tears, or something that will spark laughter from the crowd; maybe it's a subtle nod to a special family member or dear friend. These things can be worked into the design of your wedding in a beautiful way and we love these special touches that make your day even more YOU.



executing an unforgettable experience

It's your wedding day. You've been waiting for this moment for months. Let's be honest, maybe you've waited for this day your entire life. What an exciting feeling! When we take over the coordination, you get to relax, enjoy, and fully experience one of the most important days of your life with the one you love the most. We want you to be present in each moment of your wedding day with your special someone and all of your guests. Let us worry about the logistics and manage the flow- it's time for you two to celebrate.